Yoga videos to rock your world

Because I am one myself, I have a good sense of what climbers want to get out of a yoga class: Shoulder-opening, hip-opening, and maybe some fun balances, to take advantage of that great core and arm strength.

I have a solid repertoire of these types of stretches and poses, and I incorporate them into the Yoga for Climbers class I teach at MetalMark Climbing & Fitness. But I was thrilled to gain inspiration from Jason Crandell’s 30-minute “Stong Shoulder, Hip and Groin Flow” class on the awesome Website, (I’ve described it to friends as for yogis.)

Crandell’s class – which you can stream through the site, using their 15-day free trial membership – methodically worked deeper and deeper into the shoulders, hips and groin. The sequence’s flow was calm, allowing screaming muscles to relax and surrender.

I adapted a bunch of his sequences, and built them into a recent one-hour class. At the end of the class, one student said she felt like she had been “floating.”

If you are a yoga instructor looking for inspiration, definitely check out YogaGlo – some great teachers are sharing their wisdom there! And if you are a yoga student who can’t make it to your daily class, this is a great opportunity to practice at home, with some very special teachers.

And no matter what your level of yoga, you should definitely check out this going-viral video, Sh*t Yogis Say. Holla, from my mala!