4 reporters, 2 lawyers, a scientist and an engineer walk into a campsite…

What happens when four journalists, two lawyers, a scientist and an engineer spend a weekend camping at Edison Lake?

They begin their days with coffee and the best hotcakes.

They hike to the Devil’s Bathtub, in the Ansel Adams Wilderness, and to Corbett Lake, in the John Muir Wilderness.

They swim in water so cold, and so life-affirming, that they have to sunbathe, lizard-like, to warm up again.

They debate the merits of the First Generation and Second Generation homemade granola bars.

They act goofy.

They feast on post-hike pie and beer. Then they feast on wine and charcuterie, and then couscous and roasted vegetables.


They pass around flasks and bottles of bourbon by the campfire, and express their gratitude for old friends and new ones.

They pack up the cars, and head over the Kaiser Pass, happy, sun-burned, and bug-bitten.