Why Pink Hiking Socks?

Welcome to Pink Hiking Socks, a blog about adventures in – and accessible from – California’s San Joaquín Valley.

My name is Rebecca Plevin and I am what you might call an Accidental Adventuress. Before moving to California in December 2008, my ideal camping trip was at a hotel. But then I followed my career dreams to Fresno, a city in Central California that is wonderfully close to Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia national parks. I began rock-climbing at a local gym, met some friends who love outdoor adventures, and started  filling up the trunk of my car, and the depths of my closet, with outdoors gear.

At some point, it became clear that while I had followed my career dreams to Fresno, I had discovered new passions here, and those gave birth to new dreams.

In this blog, I will share  stories about my adventures in and around the San Joaquín Valley. Join me here on the blog as I explore my new passions – or even better, join me outside. The world is waiting!


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