‘Sweet’ adventures in Kings Canyon


“I want to go on an adventure!” Nacho Bear thought to himself when he woke up last Sunday morning.

He called his friends Moby Bear and Zooey Bear and they agreed to join him on the adventure. Moby Bear packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, salami, cheese, and Sour Patch Kids into a backpack, and the trio set off for Kings Canyon National Park, where they intended to hike the popular Mist Falls Trail.

“On second thought, Bears, let’s make this a multi-sport adventure,” Nacho Bear said, as he drove from Fresno to the park, bobbing his head to the new Grizzly Bear album that streamed through the stereo. His paws began to sweat with excitement as he drove past the park’s tall trees, gushing rivers, and granite slabs, and imagined all the fun they would have that day.

They hit the trail, and began the 8.4-mile hike with enthusiasm and energy, powered by the sticky Sour Patch Kids in their pockets. But then Nacho Bear careened to a halt: He had found the perfect rock to climb.

“Bears, will you spot me? I’m just going to boulder this rock,” he said. “Sweet!” said Zooey Bear.

Once Nacho Bear flashed the route, they continued along their hike. Until, that is, Zooey Bear spotted the perfect place to wade into the river. It was secluded enough that the Bears could peel off their sweaty hiking clothes and jump – naked – into the cold water.

“The cold water feels so refreshing on my fur!” Zooey Bear exclaimed, as she begged Moby Bear to join them.

Finally, Nacho Bear, Zooey Bear and Moby Bear made it to the top of Mist Falls. From their vantage point, they could see the cascading water falls, leafy trees, and many mountains beyond.

“I could be eaten now, and I would be happy,” said Moby Bear, as he sighed, took Zooey Bear’s hand, and gazed out to the horizon.

The Bears agreed to pose with Daniel at “the end of their adventure”… or, before he ate them.



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