The joys of biking to work

And sometimes you realize you have gone months without a good adventure.

There had been too many weekends in front of a computer, and too few weekends among the rocks and trees. There had been too much time logged at the steering wheel, and not enough time with an adventure pack on your back. There had been a lot of good food, but not enough peanut butter and banana sandwiches eaten in the sun.

A few weeks ago, I reached this realization.

I had driven 220 miles roundtrip to cover an event – on a Sunday – and couldn’t bear the thought of getting back in my car the next morning to drive to work. So that Monday, I hopped on my black-with-pink-letters used bike, and rode to work. I was at my desk by 7:30 a.m., and started writing on deadline, my heart still pumping vigorously from the ride.

That morning, I tweeted:

The joys of biking to work: Brainstorming stories to be written by 11 a.m. deadline. Waving to @KurtisInValley. Feeling ALIVE.#ibikefresno

Since that morning, I’ve biked to work maybe four more times. When the road was beginning to feel a little worn, my daily biking adventures have added a new spark to my step (or pedal?)

Do you bike to work? If so, do you shower at work – or just embrace the alive-smell? If you haven’t tried biking to work, what’s stopping you?

*Thanks to Jefferson for suggesting this blog post, and for reminding me that, “adventures can be in your own backyard.”


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