My desert date with dates

And sometimes, I’m paid to go on adventures.

This past week, I reported from the Eastern Coachella Valley. On my way out to the community of Mecca, I stopped at Shields Date Garden in Indio.

I mean, wouldn’t you stop, if you saw a sign like this along the highway?

Yea, so I didn’t see that video.

But I DID slurp up a date crystal milkshake for lunch. (Recipe here.) It was essentially ice cream, with bites of date mixed in. And it was the best lunch imaginable for a journalistic adventure in the desert.

The shake wasn’t just a desert indulgence, though. For a date-obsessed gal like myself, it was also a way to recognize one of the Coachella Valley’s important crops.

According to Wikipedia, the Coachella Valley produces about 95 percent of the country’s date crop. Indio is host to the National Date Festival each year. A street in Mecca is named after the delicious fruit.

Next time I buy a box of delicious date rolls at Whole Foods, to take on an outdoors adventure, I’ll be reminded of my desert date with dates.

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