Good reads: Gourmet Tijuana, special split pea soup, and Occupy Yoga

For your weekend reading pleasure…

  • More than tacos in Tijuana

This one goes out to my fellow ‘New Yorker’ readers: Did you catch ‘The Missionary,’ a ‘Letter from Tijuana’ in the Jan. 30 edition?

The article is about chef Javier Plascencia, and his goal of converting Tijuana’s reputation from a border town to a foodie destination.

“People don’t feel very proud of Tijuana, because it’s always been a town of alcohol, sex, and drugs, and made up of everyone who wants to cross the border but can’t,” Plascencia said to the New Yorker. “I’m trying to make Baja and Tijuana a food destination, like San Francisco.”

Writer Dana Goodyear expertly weaves Plascencia’s culinary goals with a tale of his family’s history in Tijuana, and the history of the city. Foodies and world travelers, this article is for you!

  • Winter comfort food

It may be a 65 degrees in Fresno, but this Pink of Perfection post, ‘Winter Budget Meals,’ really resonated with me.

I made the split pea, coconut and brown butter soup last Sunday. The soup was as guilty good as the episode of ‘Gossip Girl’ I watched while eating it.

I think the winter squash stew with peanuts and cilantro is next on the list!

  • Occupy Yoga

Not in the mood to read? This Yoga Slackers video says it all.

Have a great weekend!


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