Why restorative yoga for climbers?

When I started teaching a Yoga for Climbers class at MetalMark Climbing & Fitness, I assumed people would want a flowing yoga class, filled with hip- and shoulder-opening poses, and some fun arm balances.

I’ve now been teaching the class about six months, and I’ve learned that climbers want something else added to that mix: Relaxation.

It makes sense.

If you’ve been climbing at the gym all week, your arms may be too tired to hold downward dog. If you are planning to go climbing outside during the weekend, you don’t want to tire out your legs by doing too many warrior poses.

But I think people need more than physical relaxation.

No matter how much time I spend crafting a creative sequence of poses, people always seem to like best savasana, and the head massages I give during this final resting pose. People live such on-the-go lives, and that time in savasana is sometimes the only quiet moment they can carve out for themselves.

We all crave more quiet time. We all crave that post-yoga bliss that comes from releasing physical and mental tension, focusing on the moment, and then melting into that.

I say all this because starting Friday (Feb. 3) I will begin teaching a restorative yoga class at MetalMark, and I want you to come. The class will run from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. I think it will be a great way for us all to say goodbye to the week that was, and enter the weekend with a fresh outlook and new energy.

If you are new to restorative yoga, Yoga Journal has a nice preview of restorative yoga poses. You’ll see that while these poses are deep and yummy, they are not strenous. So, don’t come expecting a workout. In fact, don’t come with any expectations at all.

Just come with an open mind, and relax into the experience. I think you will like it!

Pictured above: A Thai sculpture in a restorative pose, my Mama at a palace in Bangkok, and me at the palace.


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