‘Be in Love. Eat Soup.’

“Soup is the food that can get us cooking again, easily, happily. Anyone can make a good soup, and therefore a home-cooked meal, and therefore a better day” – Anna Thomas

Yesterday, in recognition of National Soup Swap Day, I got together with two girlfriends to make – yup – soup.

It was not a traditional soup swap. We didn’t each bring six quarts of soup to exchange, as the Soup Swap guidelines stipulate. But we did each bring ingredients – and our culinary specialities – to Gosia’s cozy Tower District kitchen.

First, we opened the wine, and had bite-sized very veggie frittatas.

Then, we made a black bean and kabocha squash soup from one of my favorite cookbooks, ‘Love Soup,’ by Anna Thomas. It seemed fitting to choose a vegetarian soup from this book, since its mission is to bring people together to share soup.

“It seems to me that soup is the last best hope for home cooking,” Thomas writes in the book’s introduction.

While the soup was cooking, we made homemade corn tortillas.

While that was cooking, we made an apple crisp, which we devoured with spicy ginger ice cream.

 “There is an old Spanish saying, much repeated, ‘Of love and soup, the second is better,” Thomas writes. “But I say, why choose? Be in love. Eat Soup. Love soup!”


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