Bouldering: A treasure hunt

You know what I love about bouldering? Once you start looking at rocks as large toys, the forest becomes your playground.

And when you are walking through a forest, looking for rocks to climb, a hike becomes a treasure hunt.

That was the case this Sunday, as Sora, Jeff and I arrived at the Lewis Creek Trail, located less than an hour from Fresno, between Oakhurst and the gates of Yosemite National Park.

Steps from the parking lot, we reached a fork and had to make a decision: Would we find our treasure – boulders to climb – by continuing straight, or turning right?

We turned right, and began scoping out places to climb.

Could we climb this? No, but that’s some interesting hieroglyphics.

Could we climb this? No, but it was worth a shot.

The great thing about this treasure hunt is we found things we weren’t even looking for.

Like the surprisingly stunning Corlieu Falls.

Or a pony named On the Rocks Three Shots of Dazzle.

We eventually turned around, returned to the fork, and this time continued straight on the path.

We crossed a quaint bridge (that I couldn’t resist performing yoga tricks upon) and then another small bridge.

Finally, we found our treasure: A cluster of climb-able boulders, spotted with climber chalk, nestled along a stream.

We climbed.

We relaxed.

We appreciated life. #Lovelife

Thanks, Sora, for a few of these photos!

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