Ice skating, peanut butter, warm fires


On Sunday, Heather and I went ice skating in Yosemite National Park, partaking in the only winter sport possible this snowless winter.

And what a winter treat it was!

We arrived around noon to the Curry Village ice skating rink, and glided around the rink for about an hour, taking in glimpses of Half Dome and the park’s other awe-inspiring granite faces with each lap.

We considered eating our lunch with groups of families, who crowded around the rink-side campfire to roast s’mores, made from pre-packaged kits sold in the rink gift shop. (Awesome.)

Instead, we ate our peanut butter and banana/almond butter and pomegranate jelly sandwiches by the historic Ahwahnee Hotel’s magnificent fire places.

Something about the pure, child-like joy I experienced while skating, coupled with a warm fire and my favorite food, made me think about life – and adventure. Do we work hard so we can enjoy the calm/exhilaration of adventure? Or could we be fulfilled by adventure along?

Part of the adventure of life, I guess, is learning to balance these passions.

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