Adventures on a plate

As part of today’s 31 Days of Adventure challenge, I learned how to make Vietnamese-style spring rolls.

This evening, we sat down to a table covered with the essential spring roll elements. The dogs sat down with their heads in our laps.

“How do we do this?” I asked my friends.

They softened a hard, flat, rounded piece of rice paper in a pan of warm water, and layered it on my plate.

Following their instructions, I placed a line of shrimp in the middle of the rice paper, and then surrounded them with pickled carrots, avocado slices, cucumber rings, cilantro, and sriracha sauce.

I rolled it up as if it were a burrito, and spooned out some homemade peanut sauce.

With a giggle, I took a bite. Adventure on a plate!

Pictured above: Nacho under the table; Danny squeezing sriracha; Sora posing with a perfectly rolled roll

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