A mindful hike up Fresno Dome

When was the last time you kept your mind completely still and in the moment?

For me, it was yesterday afternoon, when Danny, Jeff, Sora and I were hiking up to Fresno Dome, located between Oakhurst and Yosemite National Park.

We drove toward the Fresno Dome trailhead, with expectations of an easy, one-hour hike, in crisp 60-degree weather. What we didn’t expect was the amount of deep snow covering the road leading to the trailhead, and the trail!

After just a few steps along the trail, I discovered my preferred way of walking on the snow, which in some places was thick and deep, and other places was deceivingly slick: I stepped my sized-7 Merrell boots into the tracks of someone with much bigger feet.

As I write this, my mind starts veering off into jokes (“Something big has been here!”) – but as I walked, I was completely focused on taking large steps, and placing my boot correctly to avoid losing my footing.

Like all moments of clear focus, this one soon ended, probably when one of us comically slipped on a patch of ice, or when a beautiful view of the Sierras grabbed my attention. But, wow, isn’t that one of the reasons we go on adventures: to remove ourselves – and our monkey minds – from our daily life, so we can truly live in the moment?


 To learn more about Fresno Dome, read ‘Hiking the Fresno Dome,’ which ran in the Fresno Bee. Photos taken by Daniel, with his phone.


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